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September 26, 2013

Double Useless Machine

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  Double Useless Machine_2


So we have all seen a useless machine before and what could be more fun that one of those? How about a Double Useless Machine, this is the machine for us who might be a bit too lazy to interact with the machine. With this design you simply need to take the switch off the center mode and watch the machine in action.



Double Useless Machine


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2 Responses to “Double Useless Machine”

  1. Atte Says:

    Haha, funny but useless. Hmm, sort of decoration?

  2. lastchancename Says:

    One important option to consider…

    If the switch is manually moved to the center-off position, randomly ~perhaps 1-in-10 events, wait a period – then re-start the useless cycle WITHOUT any intervention !
    That would really creep some people out!

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