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September 18, 2013

$200 MakiBOX 3D Printer

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 MakiBOX 3D Printer_1840


Who would have thought that we would see a $200 printer this early! Looks like the MakiBOX by Jonathan Buford is currently the cheapest 3D printer around (please correct me in the comments if there is something cheaper). Now that Makerbot has gone through some drastic changes and is no longer open source are we going to see lots of low cost entry level machines fill the void? The current MakiBOX uses a 0.4mm nozzle can print 0.1mm layers. You can see lots of their previous pre-production versions on their Youtube site. Looks like there has been lots of refining over the months but just like any new machine there is sure to be some more fine tuning needed by the builder. Tweaking the printer to work just right might be half of the build fun though.


MakiBOX 3D Printer_1845


MakiBOX 3D Printer



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10 Responses to “$200 MakiBOX 3D Printer”

  1. Les imprimantes 3D s'amortissent rapidement | Contrepoints Says:

    […] 19/9/2013 : MakiBOX une imprimante 3D à $200 … ça bouge […]

  2. This is what a $200 3D Printer looks like #3DThursday #3DPrinting « adafruit industries blog Says:

    […] According to this source, the latest front-runner in the race to the most inexpensive desktop 3D printer is MakiBOX, weighing in at around $200. They have also made great efforts to make this model very fast to assemble as well. Via hackedgadgets.com: […]

  3. Stephen Garner Says:

    Where do I buy one?

  4. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Stephen,

    Sorry for the bad link, it has been fixed.
    You can get one direct form them.


  5. ANN Says:

    Hi Johnathan, I would start 3d printing business may I had more information of printer, I would like start at Vancouver Canada ,may I join even the the venture of your company with my small investment? Look forward to hear from you, thanks.


  6. DM Says:

    Peachy Printer is only $100

  7. MakiBox – What happens when you offer a $200 3D Printer - Hacked Gadgets – DIY Tech Blog Says:

    […] featured the MakiBox here before, taking about their inexpensive 3D printer (still the cheapest as far as I know). They have two […]

  8. Bradley Oiler Says:

    I like the price, but the video does not inspire any confidence. If it really works with a Mac, I want one!

  9. teddyh Says:

    Guys, watch out, Makible is bankrupt, and investors / customers are being pissed, as JonBuford keeps lying to them without actually delivering the product to them. So, don’t buy anything as Hong Kong Police is investigating the case, soon lawsuits will follow.

  10. 3D Printerz Says:

    Did they even launched it for 200 USD? I did indeed not find any MAKIbox for that price, but indeed maki are expanding.

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