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September 16, 2013

Where will 3D Printing Take us?

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If you look at a modern construction site these days you don’t generally see very many craftsmen carving intricate details into the buildings, what you see are pre-manufactured sections being assembled. With the revolution that is happening with 3D printing I think it is just a matter of time when many custom details are once again built onsite. Not by skilled craftsmen but by precision universal machines. I can envision a day when a large concrete printer will be assembled onsite and print the walls of your new house leaving voids where your windows and doors will go. For cold climates the same printer could be equipped with a method of printing insulating material while it is printing the structural walls. Smaller printers could print items that need more precision from plastics. Gone will be the day where new developments have 2 or 3 styles of houses one after another, the house printer can make every house unique. I look forward to seeing domes and round corners instead of the rectangular cookie cutter houses that are built today.