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September 14, 2013

High Voltage Transformer Autopsy

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Ever want to see what is inside a huge High Voltage Transformer? The Geek Group got one donated and took it apart for everyone to have a peek. The transformer is an old medical XRAY transformer, there is a huge safety disconnect contactor under the top cover and the entire case is filled with mineral oil for high voltage isolation.  They spread it out over 3 videos and some of it is a bit slow. The first video doesn’t show much other than using a fork lift to lift the top out, the second video around the 8:40 mark shows the transformer being lifted out of the can. Video 3 goes over much of the guts of the huge transformer. At 4:50 in video 3 you can see a huge stack of series capacitors that was housed in the metal box on the side. Interesting how the paper holds up after many years of being submerged in oil.




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2 Responses to “High Voltage Transformer Autopsy”

  1. Andy Says:

    The oil in the transformer most likely comes with a danger -> PCB !

    And the anonymous donator saved the cash for proper waste disposal.


  2. MrMaigo Says:

    Andy, I believe he mentions the oil at some point and that it is safe. Not something you do in your own home without being a professional.

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