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August 31, 2013

Android Powered Camera – Smart Cube

at 2:01 pm. Filed under Funny Hacks


This is really funny. How convenient would it be if you could have a camera that was powered by Android?

Thanks to Michael for sending it in, he spotted it on Droid Life.


  • Always connected (3G/4G & Wifi)
  • Android 4.2 Jelly Bean™
  • Advanced photo editing software
  • Social Media apps
  • Easy access to Dropbox and Flickr”



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7 Responses to “Android Powered Camera – Smart Cube”

  1. Pedro Says:

    I think the idea is not as good as it looks. The software, very clever. The size, obviuosly too big.

  2. Nate Says:

    Pedro, I think it’s supposed to be a joke.

  3. kerimil Says:

    Yeah it’s both too big and the video is very poorly made

  4. kerimil Says:

    …though some parts of the video show very good editing… hmm it does seem a bit suspicious – I sense a viral marketing video

  5. kerimil Says:

    yup I did some research on their website and this is what comes up -> DomainsByProxy.com
    Someone is trying hard to hide his real identity – so it’s obviously a viral video

  6. Dinolampa Says:

    this video is the worst marketing product i ever seen….delete and redone…

  7. john Says:

    The box is too big 🙁

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