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August 30, 2013

Waterproof Electrical/Electronic Spray

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This Waterproof Electrical/Electronic Spray by Nano Protech looks amazing. Not exactly sure I understand how it works though. At first I thought it sealed the electronics but they demonstrate a socket and light bulb still operating after they are coated and then screwed together. Obviously the coating isn’t an insulator since the bulb is still making contact and it isn’t a conductor since it isn’t shorting out. I would be curious if they salted up that water well if the results would be the same since I am not certain that a light bulb socket would arc in distilled water? I wonder if the coating is simply being scratched through by the contacts on the bulb to make the contact.

“Based on a new kind of nano-zeolithe-technology with a slightly oily consistency, the coating crawls under rust,¬† oxidations¬† and humidity, forming a three dimensional multifunctional protective barrier network at the interface. Fills micro cavities (in circuit boards, micro circuitry, electric coils etc.). Powerful capillary effect allows the product to penetrate inside the blocks without dismantling. Excellent water repellent properties and low surface tension allow it to form a thin protective coating penetrating under the water layer. After spraying, a protective coating forms on the surface. NANO PROTECH provides a 100% water extrusion rate within 10 seconds.”




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6 Responses to “Waterproof Electrical/Electronic Spray”

  1. Tom Says:

    Seems like it’s called H2off in many markets.

    http://nanoprotech.com/home.html lists the H2off product.

    http://www.h2off.com.au/ only electric protector
    http://www.nanoprotech.com.au/ other nano protection supplies but not electric

  2. Steve Says:

    looks like the same stuff as “never wet”

  3. MrMaigo Says:

    So, it’s wd40 with nanos instead of mineral oil

  4. Tom Says:

    They do say “H2OFF has an oily consistency” so it’s WD40 plus nanos.

    This part of their FAQ is great (http://www.h2off.com.au/faq.html):

    “To better understand the improved quality of electrical contacts coupled with the excellent insulation imagine a box filled with small polystyrene balls. Your hand you can go through the polystyrene balls and touch the bottom of the box. While you do this, the polystyrene balls move to allow you to touch the bottom of the box while maintaining optimum insulation. H2OFF’s nanoparticles move in a similar manner to the polystyrene balls. “

  5. Kaided Says:

    I hardly believe. Distilled water won’t lead electricity

  6. kinjo Says:

    This technology has been used for years in airplanes and space rockets.
    Try GotaChip as a more easy, cheap and reliable solution for electronic and non electronic devices. http://www.gotachip.com

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