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August 25, 2013

Electric Imp Garage Door Opener

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 Electric Imp Garage Door Opener


This Electric Imp Garage Door Opener is a great enhancement to your stock garage door opener. You can get some expensive garage doors that have lots of these features but with this project you are able to have it all. For example if you would like to get an alert at 10pm if you forgot your door open it would be simple to do. Or why not just close it if it was left open at 10pm and send you a message about that. The options are now endless when you are in control of the code!

“I’ve lost count of the number of times we have set off on a trip only to have to turn back to check to see if we remembered to close the garage door. This ‘ible shows you how to connect the Electric Imp to your garage door opener, how to control your garage door from your iPhone and how to check the status of the door from anywhere. Every time the door is opened or closed a sensor is triggered, and a text is sent to a predefined group of phones so that you are always “in the know” as to door status.”


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