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August 24, 2013

Gold Scrapping from Electronics is Popular

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With gold worth some serious money and lots of throw away electronics it seems that gold scrapping is more popular than ever. Seems like people are even making a name for themselves like Scrapper Girl.






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5 Responses to “Gold Scrapping from Electronics is Popular”

  1. Tony Says:

    You’d earn more looking for spare change down the back of your couch.

  2. Modern-day alchemy: Extracting gold from pc boards « adafruit industries blog Says:

    […] Not something you’d want to do at home, but a nice overview of what gold reclamation entails. From the BBC 1 science series, Bang Goes the Theory via Hacked Gadgets. […]

  3. Ben Says:

    I actually read somewhere that gold is the most recycled precious metal yet only a mere 10% of the world produced gold goes to make electronics. It also takes an average of 33 tons of rock to be extracted from the earth’s crust to produce an ounce of gold. This just goes to show how rare and precious this metal is and so I certainly understand why scrapping of gold from electronics has become quite popular.

  4. George Johnson Says:

    I just dig it out of the hillside. I’ve found some nice little nuggets. Worth way more than what you’d get out of a cell phone, cleaner too (but muddy!). But I’d never throw away gold. Just imagine how much of this stuff is in old landfills? How many old HP items have been tossed out, or Tetronix, or old NASA stuff.
    One day, old landfills will become the new “gold minds”.

  5. Tony Says:

    The point to note is ‘scrappergirl’ doesn’t actually extract the gold from the cell phones, she puts them on eBay for the suckers to do it.

    IIRC there’s at most about $1 worth of gold in a cell phone – you can’t make money on a small scale scraping phones.

    @Ben, that 10% is about right, the rest goes into jewellery & ‘investments’. Gold really is a useless metal, it seems to be history’s greatest Ponzi scheme.

    We have 10 times more than what we really need, and it’s still valuable?

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