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August 20, 2013

Flying Pants – 3D printed Flapping Plane

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  Flying Pants - 3D printed Flapping Plane_1


I can see the wind up flying pants (translated) become an instant hit. In this prototype you see the parts were printed on a 3D printer and the wings are made of a thin plastic material. From a few seconds of winding up the rubber band the plane can get some great height and flight time. You can see some videos and pictures below of other similar creations that use the same concept but have added motors and RC control to remotely fly the flapping plane around. Not sure how the name Flying Pants came to be since it seems that the plane used to be called the X-Wing in earlier versions, I guess it doesn’t matter since the name will surly change before it is sold in North America. You can see on their blog that they are printing the parts using a Maker Bot! 

See some videos of the Flying pants below along with some other creative things they are experimenting with.


Flying Pants - 3D printed Flapping Plane_4   Flying Pants - 3D printed Flapping Plane_3