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August 17, 2013

Raspberry Pi Cluster Web Server

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_Raspberry Pi Cluster Web Server


The raspberrywebserver.com is running on this Raspberry Pi Cluster Web Server. Visit the site to see all of the details so you can build your own. Steve figures that a 20 Raspberry Pi cluster would be equivalent to a PC server so it isn’t as powerful as a full blown server but it feels very fast and responsive when I tried it!

Via: HG Comments

“Clusters can be used as web servers. Many web sites get too much traffic to run on a single server, so several servers have to be used. Requests from web browsers are received by a node called a load balancer, which forwards requests to worker servers. The load balancer then forwards responses from servers back to the clients.

This site is now hosted on a Raspberry Pi cluster. The worker nodes are standard web servers that contain identical content. I just installed Apache on them and copied my site to each node.”