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August 2, 2013

DIY Visual Impairment Aid

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 DIY Visual Impairment Aid


 Just imagine not having sight to see what is around you. This DIY Visual Impairment Aid project allows the user to use it to look around using the ultrasonic finder that detects how far things are in front of it and provides this information to the wearer by beeping at different intervals. I am wondering is some type of low speed vibration motor or pressure feedback would be a way to change this into a non audible version that might be a bit easier to use in a public place. You can see by the parts list below you may have many of the parts needed to get this started.

1x Arduino Micro
1x Buzzer speaker
1x Slide switch (for on and off)
2x Pushbuttons (I used large 12mm ones)
2x Resistors (I used 2k Ohm ones)
1x Quarter size proto board
2x Vibrating motors (this isn’t completely required if you have a buzzer, but is highly recommended)
1x Distance sensor
9V Battery



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