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July 18, 2013

DIY HDTV Antenna

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DIY HDTV Antenna


Holly Mann shows us how to build a DIY HDTV Antenna. You probably have most of the things around the house already so it shouldn’t cost more than about $5. Holly designed a good looking antenna that actually works after purchasing a few off the shelf HDTV antennas that didn’t work. I might need to give this a try since just like Holly I am getting tired of my ever increasing cable TV bill.


  • A few feet of cardboard
  • Cardboard cutting Materials – scissors and boxcutter work well
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Glue (I used wood glue – it’s super strong)
  • Drill
  • two screws with nuts and washers
  • ¬†75 to 300 Ohm UHF/VHF Matching Transformer (about $3-5 online or $6 at Radio Shack)
  • 6 foot coaxial cable¬†
  • *Optional: paint, markers or special paper to decorate the front of it”



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  1. Tom Says:

    Looks really awesome.

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