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July 13, 2013

Wireless Power Transfer for Quadrotors

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Thanks to Samer Muhi for sending in a video of his latest Quadrotors Wireless Power Transfer project. He is able to power his quadcopter with up to 20watts of energy using resonant inductive coupling. You can see the main coil sitting on the table which is operating at a resonant frequency is 800kHz. On the quadcopter arms you will see the second coil and some circuitry in the board in the center.


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Is this real or What?



4 Responses to “Wireless Power Transfer for Quadrotors”

  1. Dave Says:

    Hmm… quadrotor powered by following power lines?

  2. Travis Deyle Says:

    There was a robotics paper published at ICRA 2012 that discussed this very thing: using resonant wireless power transfer to power some quadrotors / sensors. I did a pretty comprehensive writeup about it (and other forms of wireless power for UAVs) over on Hizook back in April 2012: http://www.hizook.com/blog/2012/04/17/wireless-power-transfer-ground-sensors-using-uav-quadrotor I’m sure you will appreciate it! (PS: I’ll be sure to add this example in the comments there too!)

  3. Sam Muhi Says:

    Dave, that is a great idea, I think it might be possible to get a few watts from a power line.

  4. Sam Muhi Says:

    Travis, I read that paper that was published at ICRA 2013 and that’s were I got the idea of this project from. Thanks for the link, it’s interesting what you wrote. My next project will placing a small battery onboard the quadrotor and then charging it wirelessly whilst hovering.

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