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July 9, 2013

Nintendo 64 Game Console Teardown

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Dave from the EEVBlog does a Nintendo 64 Game Console Teardown. Looks like Nintendo figures the regular security screws such as torx was not worthy of their housing. They have used some crazy security screw that I have never seen before. It didn’t hold up to a drill with a large drill bit though! I am surprised to see how much metal there is on the inside. Next time I need a jack stand for my car a spare Nintendo 64 would probably work out. 🙂 The EMI shielding is quite impressive on this thing. The chip count is surprisingly low in this thing, there is a CPU, a GPU, some memory and a handful of small external chips for things such as audio. Interesting how most of the PCB traces are rounded. Surprising to see that there is no protection between the game cartridge and CPU.