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July 1, 2013

DIY Universal TV Sleep Timer

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Have you ever wished you had a remote control that could be set to turn off your hotel TV after a predetermined amount of time? This DIY Universal TV Sleep Timer is sure to keep you sane next time you are in a hotel and come across one of those low budget remotes they always have. Nice thing about the code is that you can program your own Arduino and make your own modifications. There is even a way to prevent your TV from being turned off, then on again if it is responding to two of the IR commands. I can think of a great modification. Build this into a book and have it transmit the off codes after a random amount of time greater than something like 2 hours. Place it on the bookshelf of someone you would like to prank. Then wait and see how long it takes before they are complaining that their TV is acting up!

Via: Make

“The timer is built around an Arduino microcontroller that’s been loaded with an open source TV-B-Gone library and a few lines of my own code. A simple pushbutton is used to set the delay time, which is shown on a 7-segment display. When the timer expires, the Arduino uses infrared LEDs to transmit all the TV “off” codes it knows, and the TV shuts down.”