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June 26, 2013

DIY Motorized Standing Desk

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 DIY Motorized Standing Desk


If you are tied to a desk for much of the day a standing desk might allow you to feel better after a long day of sitting. Standing desks are still very expensive and not that popular. Loren has built a kick ass standing desk from scratch. It can be raided and lowered with ease since there are 4 linear actuators that can easily power the desk up or down as needed. Currently it is switch based to raise and lower but in the future Loren has plans to automate the motion of the desk by embedding a Raspberry Pi into the system.

Via: Hack a Day Life

“For the legs, I chose 18 inch extendable satellite actuator arms (x 4) from eBay, at $50 US a pop. Although normally used for satellites, they would definitely have enough torque to work for the type of elevation system I wanted to create. This was a far less costly option than the pre-built legs, which have a price range in the hundreds for the low-cost, low-quality models and only go up from there.”




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  1. JP Says:

    Looks great. Wonder if you could hide those cables with some box system? Great setup anyway

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