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June 20, 2013

Unicorn Buster – Workstation Auto Lock Project

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If you are tired of your co-workers messing around with your computer when you get up to grab a glass of water this Unicorn Buster, Workstation Auto Lock Project is just the thing you need. As soon as you walk away from your computer with your locking fob in your pocket your computer locks automatically.

Via: Dangerous Prototypes


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One Response to “Unicorn Buster – Workstation Auto Lock Project”

  1. Tom Says:

    You can use a bluetooth Auto Lock program with your smart phone to computer (given that the computer also has bluetooth). Bluetooth low energy, like was used in the Unicorn device, will allow the computer to detect over shorter ranges, so are ideal for this application. It’s a cool application, but there are lots of people doing this. Usually I just set my Auto-lock time to around one minute, but that can get a bit annoying.

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