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June 18, 2013

Energy Harvesting Roads and Sidewalks

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Are sidewalks and roads of the future going to be generating energy to power things around them? Some embedded Piezo Generators might be just the thing we need. This is an interesting concept. Only thing is that laying a sidewalk or road with this technology is sure to be expensive. Will the energy savings outweigh the cost of installation and maintenance? Nice thing about this technology is that it isn’t obtrusive like wind generators or solar farms are.

“According to people at Innowattech the Piezo Electric Generator (IPEG™) should be able to produce 200KWh, while a four-lane highway would produce about 1MWh of electricity, per kilometer, enough to provide power to 2500 households. Considering that Israel has about 250 kilometers of roadways suitable for the technology, in terms of volumes of traffic, and the mass of vehicles taking the roads, you can very well imagine how much electricity can be produced.”


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3 Responses to “Energy Harvesting Roads and Sidewalks”

  1. nah! Says:

    i doubt it will be that way, a poezo layer would wear down very quidkly and the sidewalks would have to be fixed way more ofthen. but putting piezos into shoes is a better idea. those get replaced more often than sidewalks and therefore the durability of the piezo layer isnt much of a topic anomore.

    now the problem is only to transfare the energy from the shoes to the ground or the wearers cellphone

  2. George Johnson Says:

    This all comes down to the fact there IS NO free lunch.

    This has been looked at before. They were going to attach little wind turbines to the sides of highways, and use the car/truck generated wind to generate power.

    But to get any useable amount of out it, you’re not just sucking up what is already wasted. You’re actually causing the car/trucks to use MORE fuel.

    So when it comes down to it, it’s very inefficient way of generating power.

    If you look at people and sidewalks, you would actually make people more tired from walking.

    No matter what, you’re always sapping the energy from something else. It’s really hard to use just what is already there as waste.

  3. Michael Says:

    Energy harvesting roads,wow!
    What will they do next,this is so cool.

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