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June 30, 2013

DIY Pop Bottle Airsoft Machine Gun

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This DIY Pop Bottle Airsoft Machine Gun should cost $10 to $15, doesn’t use any parts that can’t be found at your local hardware store and should take less then an hour to build. Best of all if you have a compressor handy you can shoot the thing to your hearts desire. You might run out of targets to shoot in a hurry though since it has a very impressive fire rate!


June 28, 2013

Becks Beer Bottle with an Audio Recording Scratched on it

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 Becks Beer Bottle with an Audio Recording Scratched on it_4


Beer is great and refreshing but I always thought the only thing you could do with the them after the been was consumed was recycle them. Guess what, the guys over at GYRO have made a recording system so they can scratch a recording into the outside of the bottle and then play it back with a player. The device is based on an Edison Cylinder but uses modern parts such as hard drive servo arms to get things done.

“We ground a high-speed steel cutting tool which we polished to mirror finish resulting in a very quiet cut, all this taking place under a microscope!
We also have a couple of sapphire tips which we used for some test cuts but we found the steel one are quieter but with a much shorter life, in fact any contaminants in the coating would take a microscopic chunk out of the tip effectively destroying it!

Heating the tip by winding hair-thin NiChrome wire and passing a current through it resulted in a smoother cut, requiring less downforce and reduced surface noise as it helps it glide through the surface without tearing the substrate.”



The Beck’s Edison Bottle from Shine Limited on Vimeo.

June 26, 2013

DIY Motorized Standing Desk

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 DIY Motorized Standing Desk


If you are tied to a desk for much of the day a standing desk might allow you to feel better after a long day of sitting. Standing desks are still very expensive and not that popular. Loren has built a kick ass standing desk from scratch. It can be raided and lowered with ease since there are 4 linear actuators that can easily power the desk up or down as needed. Currently it is switch based to raise and lower but in the future Loren has plans to automate the motion of the desk by embedding a Raspberry Pi into the system.

Via: Hack a Day Life

“For the legs, I chose 18 inch extendable satellite actuator arms (x 4) from eBay, at $50 US a pop. Although normally used for satellites, they would definitely have enough torque to work for the type of elevation system I wanted to create. This was a far less costly option than the pre-built legs, which have a price range in the hundreds for the low-cost, low-quality models and only go up from there.”



June 25, 2013

Sony Smartwatch Game

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 How long before all the watches we have on our wrists are smart? Not sure but Sony is on the right track with their Smart Watch! It has an Android OS and is open to allow people to develop application for the watch. Check out this Smartwatch game, there are also some instruction on how you can start developing for the watch.

June 23, 2013

PiMiner Bitcoin Mining System

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PiMiner Bitcoin Mining System


Are you feeling the hype of Bitcoin yet? Instead of having a full blown computer mining your fortune in Bit Coins why not make solution that can fit in your pocket? The PiMiner Bitcoin Mining System uses USB miners that simply plug into USB ports on the Raspberry Pi.

“Building this project will allow you to use a Raspberry Pi as a ‘headless’ controller and status monitor for your USB bitcoin mining devices. The project incorporates an LCD to display hashrate, error rate, share data, network difficulty, as well as total mining duration/uptime.”

June 22, 2013

OpenSprinkler – Open Source Sprinkler Controller

at 11:33 pm. Filed under Electronic Hacks


If you are looking for a way to automate your lawn watering have a look at OpenSprinkler which is an Open Source Sprinkler Controller. Looks like a nice controller and will also have a custom enclosure available.

Thanks for the tip John.

OpenSprinkler is an open-source Internet / Ethernet sprinkler timer / controller based on the Arduino platform. It works with standard 24VAC sprinkler valves commonly found in household watering and irrigation systems. You may be planning to buy or have already purchased a commercial sprinkler timer / controller, but chances are that these systems provide a limited set of fixed functionality, and have no web scheduling and monitoring capability. These limitations are the main motivations for this open-source project.”

June 21, 2013

Arduino Uno 3 Million Samples per Second Logic Analyzer

at 11:14 pm. Filed under Cool Gadgets, Electronic Hacks

Arduino Uno 3 Million Samples per Second Logic Analyzer


Our friend Bob Davis has just built a 3 Million samples per second 6 channel logic analyzer powered by an Arduino UNO. In the video below you can see what the live display looks like. He is using a 74 series decade counter to divide down a 10Mhz crystal so that he has some nice fast stuff to sample. He experimented with the coding style and found that by being a bit verbose with the instructions he was able to speed up the data collection by over 50%. This technique requires a bit more code space and doesn’t look as elegant as a nice tight loop but execution efficiency is the name of the game here.

If you are looking to hire someone like Bob and are in the western NY or Pa area this might be your lucky day since he is currently available!


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