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May 26, 2013

Animatronic Singing Robot Project

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 Animatronic Singing Robot Project_3


Thanks to Vigo for sending in his latest project. It’s a Animatronic Singing Robot! The mechanism is quite simple but the results are fantastic. I can just imagine using this for a phone call that is video recorded at one end, you could have the puppet move it’s mouth to the speech of the other person and have a full conversation with the puppet.

What is Animatronic Beaker-bot? Well, the Beaker-bot is a animatronic puppet that will “sing” to the sound that I play through him. Meaning, If I hook up an iPod or other music playing device, he will lip-sync his mouth to the music or words. He is also a fully functional puppet with Beaker style head and hand control. He also has a electric button to control his animatronic mouth, and for fans of more classical puppetry, Beaker-bot does have a classic rod to control his mouth as well.”




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