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May 20, 2013

DIY Laser Engraver

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 DIY Laser Engraver


If you have some old donated scanners and printers chances are you have most of the stuff needed to make your own DIY Laser Engraver. The main thing that all laser engravers have in common is a method of moving a laser or set of mirrors in an X Y pattern. Scanners and printers have motors and rails that can allow for accurate motion so all that is needed to be added into the mix is a control system, some motor drivers and the laser system. ianmcmill shows us how he did it using an Arduino and 90 € of other various parts.

With this setup you can see below what it is able to do.

“It is able to cut :

  • foam rubber
  • tape
  • vinyl
  • paper (nearly every color but white/red)
  • several plastics (could require several runs depending on thickness)

It can engrave:

  • light wood (Balsawood/Poplar)
  • leather
  • bone
  • horn
  • plastics
  • some varnishes
  • blank cds/dvds (purple/blue)”