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May 9, 2013

Revive Old Lead Acid Batteries Cheap

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Most of us toss away our car and boat batteries when they no longer start our vehicle in the winter. Most of these batteries are now advertised as maintenance free lead acid, even though the electrolyte often still dries out. Youtube user Redicety12 shows us how you can bring them back to life by cracking the tops off the battery, dumping out all of the old electrolyte out, rinsing with a baking soda and water solution, then a second water only solution. Now that it is clean he fills it with alum water.  After a trickle charge the battery is brought back to life. Probably is not as good as new but will probably give you some additional usable life.



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8 Responses to “Revive Old Lead Acid Batteries Cheap”

  1. mfsamuel Says:

    Why wouldn’t you just replace the H2SO4 (Sulfuric Acid) after cleaning out the old acid?

  2. Parmin Says:

    I am skeptical.

    Since the inception of this, why wouldn’t it become popular?
    Most of the information for these methods are coming from questionable websites, and most info does not elaborate further in the actual chemical/electrochemical process that could back the claim scientifically rather than the low res video backyard empirical tests shown on youtube.

    Well, since we are claiming, here is my claim, I once made GOLD out of mercury, I only have to remove one electron out of the atom.
    How is that for a better claim .. LOL..

  3. mfsamuel Says:

    Why wouldn’t you just replace the electrolyte with H2SO4 (sulfuric acid) like the battery had originally?

  4. tim Says:

    did not even mention the corrosion of the lead plates inside the bat. yea it starts a truck with just a few cranks, but what is the reserve capacity and load rating after you have done this procedure? yea i can start a truck with a ton of lemons and some change. ill stick with a tested know good bat.

  5. Parmin Says:

    H2SO4 are not always available to the public.
    Depending on where you are they might be on the controlled item list.
    Bureaucracy rules.

  6. o4tuna Says:

    Well, it is a lead *acid* battery. He just replaced the acid. The “alum” he is using is not what most of you thnk of as alum(AM(SO4)2·12H2O). As printed on the package, it’s “aluminium sulfate” or “Papermaker’s alum” (Al2(SO4)3). More acidic(3.3-3.6)? More soluble in water?

  7. Josh Says:

    The problem with most automotive batteries is that the plates are disintegrated, are loose, or have bad connections by the time they stop working. Changing the acid won’t help with that.

  8. Adam Says:

    I think the overwhelming point here is that the acid was changed, with a clean in the middle. The alum he used just breaks down to sulfuric acid anyway. I think the extra charged voltage probably comes from the aluminum’s increased conductivity. Long-term charging/discharging cycle would need to be investigated, obviously. I was more interested that the baking soda solution generated voltage…. I wonder if it would hold a charge?!

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