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April 28, 2013

Hack a Sigma Lens to operate with Canon Cameras

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Hack a Sigma Lens to operate with Canon Cameras


With this hack you will be able to Hack a Sigma Lens to operate with Canon Cameras. The lens being demonstrated is an older lens and the camera that it is being adapted for is a DSLR. The issue is that the signals from the DSLR for adjusting the aperture of the lens are not recognized by the lens. By adding a small microcontroller in the mix, the camera can now talk to the microcontroller and the microcontroller can now control the lens appropriately. The system is not entirely stable so this doesn’t sound like a solution for professionals but for a hobbyist that wants to get some use out of an old lens this might be just the hack needed.

Via: Hackaday

“Components required

  • ATTiny24 x1

  • 10k resistor (colour code: brown-black-orange + precision_colour) x1

  • 47k resistor (colour code: yellow-purple-orange + precision_colour) x1

  • 100nF ceramic capacitor (with 104 written on it, to be precise) x1

Tools required

  • A computer: to program the microcontroller
  • An AVR programmer (I used an usbasp, which can be found en ebay).
  • A solderless breadboard and some jump wires
  • A soldering iron (not too powerful, obviously) and some solder
  • Some screw drivers to open your Sigma lens and pliers”