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April 22, 2013

3D Printed Stepper Motor

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 3D Printed Stepper Motor

Check out this cool 3D Printed Stepper Motor that  Christopher Hawkins made. You can see in the video that it can move quite quickly and not loose any steps. This design would be idea to teach how stepper motors work.

Via: Hack a Day

“This is a programmable stepper motor and driver that I made out of some nails, magnet wire, neodymium magnets, a digispark microcontroller, and a 3D printed piece that I designed around these things. My goal was to make something about the size of a business card that moved. You can’t exactly fit it in your wallet but it does indeed move. It just a first draft- there’s lots of room for improvement. It has a step angle of 15 degrees (although the way I’m driving it, it is 7.5 degrees.)”




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One Response to “3D Printed Stepper Motor”

  1. Lukas Says:

    You could try Shapeways’ stainess steel material to close the magnetic circuit. But then its only half DIY and it has to be pretty small to be affordable.

    Alloy Family: 420 SS + 40% Bronze
    Maybe a similar hysteresis:

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