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April 18, 2013

Raspberry Pi 3D Printer Demonstration

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Jon Wise demonstrates his Raspberry Pi 3D Printer, he is using a pen in the demo but it can use an extrude to print items. The mechanical movements leek very complex when compared to a standard XY table that is controlled using 2 stepper motors. The Pi has enough number crunching ability to get the job done though. I can’t wait to see this printing a complex shape, the movements are interesting to watch, it reminds me of the robot hands that use angular joints to move around.


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One Response to “Raspberry Pi 3D Printer Demonstration”

  1. Polytech Says:

    You probably don’t need Raspberry Pi brains for this – there are Arduino firmwares that control Delta-configuration 3D printers, and that’s one set of trig calculations more than this mechanism which has simple linear Z axis.

    It is a delight to watch but I would question the practicality: unless you’re 3D printing art pieces exclusively, many if not most of your models would have faces parallel to the major axis and using a cartesian printer would make for a better surface quality because your straight lines will be exactly that and not approximations of arcs.

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