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April 14, 2013

Smack Attack: Steering Wheel Drum Kit

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 Smack Attack Steering Wheel Drum Kit


 Gregor “G-Man” Hanuschak sent in a tip about a fun looking project called the Smack Attack, which is a Steering Wheel Drum Kit (might be a product soon). You can now play along with the tunes in your car! The Kickstarter will go live very soon and has a goal of $200,000. With a product price of $150 and a early bird Kickstarter price of $99 I am thinking there might be enough interest to make this thing a go?

“The tag line is, “Smack Attack: The drum set for your steering wheel”. Fight highway hypnosis and hit your steering wheel to add drum sounds to the music you’re listening to in your car. Music and your drumming can be wirelessly sent to your stereo and played over your existing car speakers.

The product that lets you do this is called “Re-Inventing The Wheel” (or RITW for short) and is being presented by the company “Smack Attack Corporation”. A feature-rich product, you can play drums with any song in your iPhone’s music library, play along with drum karaoke (music with no drums, hence you become the only drummer), change the 8 drum sounds produced by your steering wheel to any sounds you want (including the sound of Chewbacca or homemade sounds like the sound of your pet dog: http://ritwsmackattack.com/dog_sounds.html), record your drum performances and post to the web, or even let other passengers in the car drum along with you by hitting touchscreen buttons on the iPhone app.

There’s no installation required, the cover fits on any steering wheel, and operation is completely wireless. RITW currently only works with iPhones, but an Android version will likely be forthcoming (as will be one for non-smart phone users). Kickstarter funding is being requested to make the shift from working prototypes to mass production and actual products are being offered as rewards to Kickstarter backers.”