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April 12, 2013

DIY AVR Atmega Dehumidifier Controller Brain Implant

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  DIY AVR Atmega Dehumidifier Controller Brain Implant_01


It sucks when you have a perfectly good piece of hardware that mechanically functions but the controller dies. This is exactly what happened to Davide Gironi from Milan Italia when his dehumidifier stop working. Instead of placing it next to the curb for garbage pickup he investigated what the issue was. Turns out the humidity switch was no longer working. He installed an AVR Atmega8 microcontroller system that now operates the dehumidifier and all is well. If you would like to see how he wrote the code and wired it up you can see both here.

“AVR dehumidifier is an alternative electronic board for your dehumidifier based upon AVR Atmega8 micro.
When ambient humidity reach the humidify threshold set by the user dehumidifier starts.
A full sensor check the water tank, if it is full the dehumidifier stop running.
An antifrost temperature sensor can shut the compressor down to prevent evaporator frost.
An ambient temperature sensor prevent the dehumidifier to run if temperature is too low or high.”


DIY AVR Atmega Dehumidifier Controller Brain Implant