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April 2, 2013

Pulse Jet Go Cart

at 11:41 am. Filed under Crazy Hacks

Pulse Jet Go Cart_1


MrBen527 has been spending some time developing a cool looking Pulse Jet Go Cart, I am a bit surprised at how receptive his neighbors are. I think his creation would be a bit more annoying than a barking dog. Watch this video to see his creation in action. MrBen527 is also creating a new version of the engine that can be seen here, this one should put on a good show. I am thinking that if you wipe out all is fine as long as the red hot engine doesn’t land on top of you!

Not sure if this one is louder than the Pulse Jet Go Cart we saw back in 2008?


Pulse Jet Go Cart_2


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2 Responses to “Pulse Jet Go Cart”

  1. Polytech Says:

    THAT is pretty darn loud! And I think the neighbors are not receptive per se, I think they’re just scared 🙂 If this guy puts himself behind the wheel of THAT, there’s no telling what he’s capable of if you confront him. So they don’t 😉

  2. Dave96z34 Says:

    Yeah I wouldn’t want to me his naybor I would end up building my own and racing him… Today on cops 2 men take a rocket power go carts for a joy ride on I95…

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