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April 1, 2013

Hard Drive Hamster Wheel

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 Hard Drive Hamster Wheel_2 


Felipe La Rotta from Cocodrilabs had a noisy hamster wheel. Hamster wheels like most other mass produced pet items are made as cheap as possible, that means that you won’t find a smooth spinning bearing in your hamster wheel. His solution was to make a Hard Drive Hamster Wheel. Most of us have a few used hard drives sitting around that will never be powered up again and inside there are a ton of precision parts including a very smooth bearing that turns out to make a great hamster wheel upgrade. Once you have upgraded your hamster wheel if you still have a few hard drives left have a look at some other Hard Drive Hacks that you can try.


Hard Drive Hamster Wheel


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4 Responses to “Hard Drive Hamster Wheel”

  1. Stink Monkey Says:

    I thought that this was going to be one of those April Fools articles, where the hamster wheel gets fired up to 5400 or 7200 rpm with the hamster on it. Thanks for staying humane and for giving us another useful purpose for an old hard drive.

  2. Per Jensen Says:

    I did this hack 10 years ago with our Gerbil’s wheels, but never got to document it, i didn’t think anyone was crazy enough to duplicate it, or think it was usefull 😉

  3. Polytech Says:

    OK, it’s no longer April 1st but I’ll bite: Felipe must like his hamster more than I did mine! This is a really nice motor that could be a part of a bit more interesting (at least as far as RPMs are concerned 🙂 ) project. OTOH, the hamster is making some electricity while running – I wonder if this three phase power could be rectified and used for lighting some LED or some such. You’d think the hamster owes Felipe at least some milli Watts for the time he spent making the wheel!

  4. Felipe Says:

    Hello Guys

    Thanks Stink Monkey, I’m glad you liked the post

    It’s funny because I through exactly the same thing as you Per, on the first days I even started to blame myself for not buying a “real” bearing. But it was a prejudice, the thing has been working flawlessly since the past year.

    Indeed Polytech, take a look near the end of the post, I explained how I attempted to rectify the AC current coming from the motor. Unfortunately this motor requires A HUGE amount of RPM to produce any useful voltage, so even a LED is out of question.

    However, you can use that current as a signal to turn on a bigger load i.e. a CFL bulb. You may even PWM the thing, so the brightness is proportional to how fast your furry friend is running. Fake, but very entertaining for the guests.

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