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March 26, 2013

Cheap High Speed Automatic Pick and Place Machine Overview

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Remember the cheap automatic pick and place machine we told you about in December of last year? Ian from Dangerous Prototypes has purchased one and has been doing some testing on it. Looks like is a great little machine. For the low price it doesn’t come with a vision system, is a bit noisy, has limited reel locations and has what looks to be a hard to use interface screen. That being said I am quite surprised that it actually has a touch screen that can be used to interact with the operation and configuration of the system. Looks like you can select something on the screen and then use some physical push buttons to adjust the selected items setting. If you have fat fingers it might be a bit troublesome but you might be able to use some type of stylus to help you tap on the desired area with ease? When running at full speed it can lay down some serious part counts in a hurry. Ian doesn’t recommend doing anything more than some prototype boards with it but I am thinking with some supervision it would be fine to do some small batch runs. 



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