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March 16, 2013

NAND Gate Computer

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 _NAND Gate Computer_4


NAND Gates are very versatile. You might remember back in the TTL days when you were out of a specific chip you could always grab a NAND chip out of the bin and re-purpose it to work. This NANDputer looks like it would be a bit harder to troubleshoot than the one that I am using to write this on!

“While the CPU architecture is fairly conventional, the way it is implemented isn’t.  I went with a bit-serial setup on here to save gates.  The ALU for example is only 1 bit, with a “latching” carry so operations are performed a bit at a time on the 8 bit registers/memory.  The program counter is also bit-serial, and on the first youtube video you can see the carry propagating during the incrementing of it.

The downside of course is that this is much slower than a parallel architecture, but this way takes vastly fewer gates.  It takes 96 clock cycles to run a single instruction:  There’s 16 “T” states and 3 non-overlapping clocks generated using a 6 stage johnson counter with some NAND decoding.   (The flipflops that form the johnson counter are made from NANDs too).  Thus, it’s 16*9 or 96 cycles per instruction.  The clock runs at 10MHz, so this is a bit over 100KIPs (thousands of instructions per second).  This sounds really slow but it isn’t TOO slow.  It’s faster than a TMS1000, and it’s only 2-3x slower than a Commodore 64 which I estimate at 250-300kips when it runs at 1MHz (3 and 4 cycle instructions being some of the more common ones).”




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5 Responses to “NAND Gate Computer”

  1. Kieran Says:

    This is awesome

  2. NAND Gate Computer « Nitemare Cafe Says:

    […] I love all the action going on in homebrew computing. Kinda reminds me of the early days. And here’s another one, using nothing by NAND gates. […]

  3. luc Says:

    do you have the schematic for this id like to build one

  4. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Luc,

    There is more details if you follow the link in the article, don’t see any schematics but they might be available.

  5. luc Says:

    can you explain how you war able to put all the gate with out loosing power and to remove the static I’m trying to build my one electronic lock that has a 2 binary switch and a set and reset for a 3 number lock and for some reason wen connect one and gate it on even if both a and b or off it will only work if i add a resistor on a and b to gnd do you have any information that you can give me ? thanks

    how long did it take to make your nand gate computor?

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