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March 12, 2013

Data from Arduino sent to the Net using an Android Phone

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Kerimil sent in a method that he is using to get data out of his Arduino projects to the net using an Android phone in the middle. He demonstrates how he wrote the program on the Android using MIT App Inventor. The initial GUI reminds me of the Visual Studio environment where you can drag and drop elements such as check boxes and buttons but the language looks very strange. It appears to be a bunch of visual modules that have all of their attributes snapped on. Things such as variables bolt onto the module that is using them. I haven’t played around with the environment so I am not sure if there is a C++ like environment that you can drop into or if everything needs to be done with the LEGO like objects.

Kerimil just has the Arduino sending the ambient temperature to the Android and the phone is sending that to a COSM to log the data. The demonstration is simple but could easily be enhanced into many things. One example that I think would be a great project would be an Arduino module that plugs into the ODB II port in any car, this could read a ton of values and instantly transmit them to the shop for diagnostics. When you are having intermittent issues with your car that only shows up when there isn’t a mechanic taking it for a test drive around the block you could sent the mechanic a few days of data and just give them the times when it was acting up. They would then be able to review the data and diagnose it with all the data they need.



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