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March 4, 2013

High Voltage Fractal Patterns Burnt into Wood

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Not that burning tracks into wood is anything new but this video shows the process and results very nicely. Makes me want to get a few MOTs connected to a large variac and have fun. I think this would be a great seller at a farmers market type setting where people can see the creative art being made in front of their eyes. Melanie Hoff is using a 15,000 power supply and uses nails and large clips to get the voltage to the wood. You can see that water was used to enhance the conductivity of the wood. You can see that when the path was completed a very controlled burn would occur along the path between the cables.

Via: Laughing Squid


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One Response to “High Voltage Fractal Patterns Burnt into Wood”

  1. Almondbread Says:

    While irregular, a fractal is a mathematical construct with the property of self-similarity, i.e. if you zoom in or out the pattern repeats. Perhaps dendritic would be a better description.

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