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March 3, 2013

Wind Tunnel Computer

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_Wind Tunnel Computer_3


This Wind Tunnel Computer looks like a piece of high tech hardware from a testing laboratory but under the black paint is MDF and a window box fan! This configuration was designed for optimal cooling of the computer components that you can see in the center of the two outer angled boxes.

“I used an anemometer (velocity/airspeed meter) for testing, as well as different fans and basic shapes made out of cardboard. I was able to conclude that I could increase air velocity through a scale wind tunnel. There are two types of wind tunnels; the one I’ve built is a subsonic wind tunnel. This type of design involves a contraction section which is used to increase velocity (airspeed) through the test section. This increase in airspeed was what I looking for, a way to increase airspeed over the computer components.”