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February 25, 2013

Secret Room Behind Bookcase

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 Secret Room Behind Bookcase


This is a great looking hidden room. It was totally designed and built using the DIY method right from the heavy duty Home Depot casters that were cut apart to make some big swivels to the door latches that hold the book case in place. The only thing I would change is the method that is used to unlock it. Currently you pull on a cable that is connected to a book, if someone was looking hard for something it wouldn’t take long before this book with table attached was found. I think a piece of upper trim that needed to be lifted would have been a bit better. I like the use of common door latches that are used to keep the thing in place, this would allow you to shut this door and have it latch just like a normal door without worrying about resetting it before closing it. Looks like the creator is storing a nice gun collection or looking to start a war.

Thanks to Trevor for sending this in.


Secret Room Behind Bookcase_2