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February 23, 2013

Circuit Lab – Available Offline

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Circuit Lab is now Available Offline so you can design some cool circuits in your cabin in the woods. When you come back to civilization the your new creations will sync so that they are available online for collaboration and sharing.

“Our team is happy to announce that CircuitLab is now available offline! Our belief at CircuitLab is that your electronics design tools should be available to you wherever, and whenever inspiration strikes. With CircuitLab’s offline capabilities, you can now design, simulate, and save your circuits while you are not connected to the internet. (Some features, such as exporting rendered schematics, are currently only available online.) Once your computer comes back online, we will sync all your circuits with your account on our server. Offline mode makes heavy use of advanced features in HTML5 to further blur the distinction between desktop and browser-based software, bringing the best of both worlds to our more than 60,000 monthly active users.”


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