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February 19, 2013

Magnetic Perpetual Motion Machine

at 9:52 pm. Filed under Insane Equipment, What Were They Thinking


Another Perpetual Motion Machine here, this one is magnetic. Not sure how this one was done. Any ideas? It is very convincing, my first guess would be a small motor within the center drum. The real system is demonstrated at the 2:00 mark.


After you are done guessing how this is done click here or have a look in the comments (number 13). Mfsamuel has located an image that shows us how this was done.


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28 Responses to “Magnetic Perpetual Motion Machine”

  1. ellisgl Says:

    Seeing there is a back drop, there could be something behind it.

  2. Parmin Says:

    IMHO it is the flywheel effect.
    With low friction, a system with flywheel may turn for a long period of time.
    The authenticity of the claim can be checked using a proper timing machine to time the rpm of the wheel.
    I guess it would slow down over time.

  3. Silie Says:

    IMO this could actually work but i don’t think it is a perpetuum mobile. The magnets will get weaker over time and to restore their full strength you need to invest energy. So i think it’s more like a charged machine with very low friction and therefore runs for a long time.

  4. Simon Says:

    If it was a perpetual motion machine, he’d have hooked up a generator to the shaft and he’d be a billionare by now.

  5. Dr. Bill Says:

    The construction holding the wheel looks a bit too massive. Typically, if you want to show that there’s no trickery, you would use e.g. something very thin or some transparent acrylic. If I had to rebuild the machine, I would use the left bar to hide the batteries and the right bar (together with the black compartment) to integrate a small motor. To gain the needed space, I would also hollow out the hidden part of vertical wooden stick of the lifting mechanism.

    All the best,
    Dr. Bill

    P.S.: Very clever video – The sequences before the machine are really working as shown. The energy is provided by moving the magnetic bar towards and away from the wheel.

  6. Berni Says:

    My vote is there is a rubber band inside one of the hollow wood pillars that is wound around the axle to provide power.

  7. Bill Says:

    Smoke, Mirrors and Editing? The odd variations in rpm suggest intermittent inputs of energy (i.e. a shove every now and again ;))

  8. CarpePM Says:

    Do none of you understand magnetism? North repels north and the like? Silie is correct in saying “the magnets will get weaker over time” and so, will need to be changed out or remagnetized but, any and every engine/motor requires maintenance. The issue lies with efficiency. What size magnets do you need to produce enough force to turn a generator? Cost/weight effective/prohibitive?

  9. Eaglesfire Says:

    Seen this on another website that tests this stuff. This is a scam. the guy used small puffs of compressed air to keep it moving.

  10. Tilman Baumann Says:

    Does it matter?
    We certainly don’t need to prove that this was fake.
    And speculating gets us nowhere unless the guy reveals the hack.

    Anyway, just my £0.02

  11. Mark Says:

    Could be a legit machine based on magnets. Magnets store energy, this is just a means to release that energy in a controlled manner. If you look, there are many powerful rare earth magnets on that device.

    However, it is not “perpetual” motion because the magnets are not an infinite source of energy. They will gradually become less magnetic and the machine will slow until it is no longer able to lift the magnet on the next revolution and it will stop.

  12. Andre Says:

    Magnets do not store energy, they transfer energy. Nicely shown in the first section of the video.

    Magnets become less magnetic, that is true, but that is not due to usage wear. Its the constant electromagnetic force that works on them that make the domains in the magnet align with the magnetic field of the earth, this alignment gets easier with magnets that are heated.

  13. mfsamuel Says:

    Compressed air above the flywheel.


  14. Adric Says:

    Im glad someone else posted the puffs or stream of air, that was my top theory.

  15. Mark Says:

    Magnets do indeed store energy. When the magnet is created it is just a chunk of ferrous metal. The metal is usually heated to make it easier for the molecular structure to polarize in the presence of a large magnetic field generated from a coil. When the metal cools in this field, the polarization becomes “permanent”. This process requires energy to both heat the magnet and to generate the magnetic field.

    When the magnet is placed in the presence of another magnetic field, they will attract/repel, but the molecular structure of the magnet will eventually realign to the new magnetic field (or earths field if it is the strongest magnetic field present). This process will occur faster if the fields involved are stronger.

    Magnets do more than just transfer energy. Consider the situation where you have two magnets and you very lightly push them towards each other until they violently snap together (sometimes with enough force to shatter the magnet). This is an example of that energy being released.

  16. Tony Says:

    Silie, CaprePM & Mark. Magnets do not work that way.

  17. CarpePM Says:

    Really? You mean my 6th grade science teacher lied to me and faked two magnets repelling each other? Damn.

  18. Silie Says:

    Well Tony, then you should explain to us how they work don’t you think? =)

  19. MrMaigo Says:

    mfsamuel, why’d you have to ruin the fun?

  20. Bill Says:

    Aha! Smoke, Mirrors & Compressed Air
    mfsamual Thank you 🙂

  21. Tony Says:

    Ok, where does the ‘energy’ in magnets come from? Nowhere, because there isn’t any. They’re not batteries.

    Ah ha, says @CarpePM, those two magnets repelled each other, therefore energy!

    Well no. How did they get together in the first place? Your teacher pushed them together. You might as well say that a rock has energy. It will if you push it up a hill, but until YOU do something, no energy. Same with magnets, the ‘energy’ comes from YOU causing something to interact with the magnetic field.

    Same as creating electricity. You need to create the movement in order for the electrons in the wire start to move. Otherwise nothing happens.

    Is this the Dark Ages v2 or what? Ooh, it’s all magic!

  22. Mark Says:

    @Tony The magnets do store energy. The energy is stored when the magnet is created by the large electromagnetic field generated by the coils used to polarize the magnets.

    The energy is not merely transfered from pushing them together. If that were the case, the magnet should stop moving the instant you stop touching it, not continue to move and snap together.

    Consider also a magnet on a refrigerator, there is a constant gravitational force pulling on the magnet. The only reason the magnet doesnt fall is because of the larger force generated by the magnetic attraction to the metal in the fridge. This force doesnt magically come from nowhere, it is stored in the magnet when it is created. This is also the reason why old fridge magnets dont stick as well as the day they were created, because after living on a fridge for years and years, it gradually looses its magnetism.

  23. Mark Says:

    To further my point, the potential energy of a magnet is Ep,m = -m dot B where m is the magnetic moment and B is the incident magnetic field. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnetic_energy

    If you follow the link at the bottom of that page, it will lead to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnetic_motor which describes a theoretical motor similar to the one in the video (albeit the one in the video was found to be fake, this doesnt have to be the case for all magnetic motors).

  24. Tony Says:

    Sure @Mark, magnets store energy. So how does one extract that energy? In this instance saying magnets store energy is merely semantics, there’s no energy in the sense we ordinarily use the term.

    Replace the word ‘energy’ with ‘gravity’ and run through all the arguments.

    A magnet will demagnetise over time, but that’s got nothing to do with being stuck on the fridge. Indeed being on the fridge will probably make it last longer (Google ‘keepers’) but that’s irrelevant. The magnet is doing no ‘work’ sitting on the fridge – old age will make it eventually fall off. It’s not using up its ‘energy’ in order to stay there. It’s like saying you standing around is using up the Earth’s gravity…

    Interacting with the magnetic field is were all the action is, and that’s not ‘extracting energy’ from the magnet.

  25. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hey mfsamuel,

    Thanks for the picture! That clears things up nicely. I was sure it had something to do with the bulk in the center of the drum hiding a power source of some type. If this was constructed completely from clear acrylic I think the effect would have been much better.

  26. Kevin Says:

    +1 Tony

  27. harry Says:

    Young lady, in this house we obey the laws of thermodynamics!

  28. Col Says:

    I’ll add my two bits in this by simply stating unconventional thoughts that by the way have managed in history to change humanity’s direction to some points.

    1. Forget about what is taught by those who don’t think outside the square box. (How can they really understand subjects that are not yet proven).

    2. There only one law that exists in this universe and in all others that have existed before and will exist in the future… The universal law of ATTRACTION.

    Those who disagree with this only shows small thinking.

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