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February 16, 2013

Name the Thing Contest – 222

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The prize this week is a breadboard power supply. This contest will run for one week (Feb 16 – 22, 2013). Ending time is based on central standard time. To enter, identify the item above and what it can be used for.

Please do not give the answer in the comments.

Send an email to contest @ hackedgadgets.com with “Name the Thing Contest” as the subject, and the message body consisting of:

  • The name of the item in the above picture
  • An example of what the item pictured above can be used for

The winner will be chosen at random from all of the correct entries.


Added March 12, 2013

The item to guess was the top (positive terminal) of an AA battery

The winner is Tim H. (there were 251 entries)


Below is a picture of the prize.




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17 Responses to “Name the Thing Contest – 222”

  1. Kyle Says:

    This one is a toughy.

  2. Parmin Says:

    OMG, WTF is that thing?

  3. Annie Says:

    Easy it’s a fliying saucer

  4. Parmin Says:

    It cant be, flying saucers are found in my kitchen when SWMBO is upset.

  5. Phil Says:

    top *** of a *** .

  6. nah! Says:

    this is obviously somekind of fragmine 😛

  7. Dave Says:

    Furniture slider

  8. Pete Says:

    It looks like a close-up of a *** *** on a small *** ?!

  9. Robotics_Job_Search Says:

    It’s “The Button” that launches World War III.

  10. Artur Says:


  11. Artur Says:

    Used for *** 🙂

  12. Joe Says:

    This looks like the *** *** *** (not *** !), I Guess an *** ***

  13. Joe Says:

    Oh right, reading the rules, what it can be used for; as a *** for a *** *** *** .

  14. Joe Says:

    Oh continuing to read the rules, specially the one in BOLD, whoops, haha

  15. Steven Says:

    EASY! It’s the top of Gort’s spaceship from the original “The Day The Earth Stood Still”

  16. Steven Says:

    it’s the *** of a ***. Otherwise called the *** of the ***. And you use it for *** or ***, or even ***.

  17. Alan Parekh Says:

    Winner announced.

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