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February 10, 2013

Make a Laser Light style show with a Projector and MusicBeam

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Make a Laser Light style show with a Projector and MusicBeam


Manuel Beithner sent in this open source project called MusicBeam that they have been working on for the last 6 months. It will allow you to have a laser light like show at your next party using your projector. They are taking requests so if you don’t want to develop your own custom effect I am sure if it is cool enough they will add the effect into the released version.

“Fire up your video projector, invite your neighbours, maybe the girl you met in the elevator the other day, throw in a fog machine and start your weekend with a bang. Your one of the first to know about this so go ahead and feel special. Over 6 month ago we started to develop a software which enables everyone (Mac,Winows Linux) to use his/her video projector to create a music-triggered laser show. All you need is a laptop, a projector and a fog-machine to enhance the awesomeness. The Software is not only free of charge but open source, and we´d like to share it with everyone.”



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5 Responses to “Make a Laser Light style show with a Projector and MusicBeam”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Wow, looks awesome! but it doesn’t work.

    It just doesn’t start. After I double click javaw.exe comes up in task manager. I’ve tried 32 and 64 bit versions.

    windows 7 64bit

  2. Manuel Beithner Says:

    Hey kevin,thanks for the feedback. Could you send an email to johannes@zepplab.net with your problem and informations about the java version you´re using ? he´s the one developing the software.

  3. IVIyth Says:

    Try the latest java version

  4. Kevin Says:

    I have java build 1.7.0_13-b20 I’ve tried 32 and 64 bit java and the projector program. Ill send him an email.

  5. Kate Says:


    I would like to try this outside. We have a laptop and a projector.

    Would we need to put up a sheet to project off of?



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