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February 8, 2013

High Speed Spinning Plasma Ball

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Sometimes you just ask what will happen if… In this case it is what would happen if you Spin a Plasma Ball at 4000 RPM! Turns out the ball pattern locks into a strange pattern, the plasma effect also continues to spin after the actual ball comes back to rest. Why does this happen? Not sure.

I am sure we will see more of this rig in the future since Mr Fix it Rick is building a Keshe Plasma Reactor with it.


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4 Responses to “High Speed Spinning Plasma Ball”

  1. Alan Says:

    It happens because the gasses that have been ionized have a much easier time maintaining ionization, when you spin the ball at a very high speed the gas that moves the least is the air in line with the center of rotation.

  2. Hephaïx Says:

    When the ball is spinning, the gas in it is spinning due to fluid friction. The gas is pushed outward from the centrifugal force so there is a pressure gradiant in the gas ( ++ — ++ ). The low pressure gas is easyly ionised than the (relatively) hight one.

  3. gege Says:

    Its like a pulsar ! Energy ejected out on the poles because of the rotating speed
    I guess the gas continue to spin because of the friction with the inside of the ball (like does the clouds/atmosphere with the earth)

  4. Whatnot Says:

    Interesting how the comments here are more scientific and sensible than the guys doing the experiment.

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