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January 29, 2013

Telepresence on the Cheap

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_Telepresence on the Cheap


Do you work in an office where you sometimes telecommute? You may have a use for a Cheap Telepresence Robot that can be used to sit in one some meetings while you are relaxing in your boxers sipping a coffee. If you have the money to spend you can look into something that is more plug and play like the Anybot. If your company doesn’t let you telecommute why not try out what this guy did! Of course I am not promoting doing this unless you like the idea of getting paid 6 figures to surf Reddit, prowl for deals on eBay and update Facebook all day at work.

I am surprised these robots aren’t taking off since one was even spotted on Big Bang Theory. This one over at Nibbler has a base that is powered by an Arduino and a motor controller shield. The 3A motors can drive the thing around for around 15 hours on a charge. So I guess that means that you could probably come into work a few times a week to give your virtual self a charge. 🙂

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One Response to “Telepresence on the Cheap”

  1. Polytech Says:

    It is pretty funny, although you can never be sure how the coworkers would react. Say, you said something offensive and have to be punched in the face. It’s one thing to take it on your biological, self-healing chin and quite a different story to be punched into your $600+ stand-in iPad 🙂 LOL

    Next step: an articulated arm to grab something (that mug for example).

    But there’s an even more interesting sub-story here, Alan. The link to Verizon business site for the telecommuter guy “Bob” that’s outsourced his job to a Chinese firm – that was a very intriguing story. I’d say Bob only got caught because he got lazy. There was absolutely no reason to physically mail his RSA Token dongle to China (what a dumb move, BTW – what if he was asked to come get a replacement and give the old one up?). He could have simply setup another VPN, his own VPN, this time between his home network and the Chinese company and be a little more diligent with opening up his work VPN at the proper times of the day. He would still be happily slacking off to eBay and FB (rather uncharacteristic for a guy that was smart enough to set all this up – something in the story does not add up) because there would be no Chinese traffic there at all. All the IT Dept. at work would see is local US traffic, raising no eyebrows.

    This just goes to show that Bob’s job should have been outsourced in the first place. That’s another issue with telepresence – you don’t want to overdo it lest the boss decide that it works too well and just outsources is a bit further.

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