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January 15, 2013

Color Organ

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Color Organ


There are some projects that provide you with hours of enjoyment. This Color Organ is one of those types of projects since you can play different songs and watch the dancing colors. Ledartist goes through all of the parts needed for the project and some of the issues in developing the circuit. Hearing about problems is great since you can learn what not to do without going down the path yourself. It is completely analog and uses very common parts, chances are you have all of these parts (or compatible parts) in your part bins. 

If you are interested in purchasing a kit version you are in luck, you can get it here.

“There were a few problems. The transistors in the circuit was biased in the way that it was supply voltage dependent, as well as device dependent – in other words, if the voltage was too high or too low, or the transistors had a bit of different characteristics, the circuit did not perform well. The filter performance was also a bit poor – the separation between the frequency bands were not so great.”