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January 1, 2013

Garage Scanning Electron Microscope

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What would you find in the garage of Jeri Ellsworth? Many people would guess a car, but you would be wrong, these days you will find her latest project which is assembling a Scanning Electron Microscope. Even if this system arrived fully functioning it sure doesn’t sound like a project that would be easy to succeed with. Jeri mentions that simply forgetting to close a valve and opening the chamber would caused a 2 week delay before the system could be used while the electron gun chamber got pumped down to a usable pressure. She demonstrates burnt out light bulb filament under the microscope, it is quite amazing the amount of detail that can be seen. I am sure this is an outdated microscope but I am curious what this thing would have cost when it was new.


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3 Responses to “Garage Scanning Electron Microscope”

  1. Fry-kun Says:

    That’s a video of magnetic logic, though.. still cool, just doesn’t match the article 😛

  2. Alan Parekh Says:

    Must be some kind of Youtube issue. I can see the correct video image show up for a few seconds but it then changed so the magnetic video (which is also played). It did work earlier today and yesterday when the post was done. I am thinking that Youtube will correct this issue at some point.

    The link in the article still points to the right video.

  3. Berni Says:

    Yeah its the wrong video, but i found it really interesting none the less, would have never even guessed they built a computer out of transformers

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