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December 29, 2012

Samsung Syncmaster 204B Monitor Repair

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Dave from the EEVblog did a video a few months back that I somehow missed. His new shop is in a building where they seem to through out a ton of stuff. So much that he regularly does some dumpster diving to see what interesting things he can find. This time around he was able to get his hands on two Samsung Syncmaster 204 Monitors. Samsung has a good reputation for quality these days (not so much in years past though) but when Dave cracks into the monitor you can see that they have the cheapest quality caps available. It is really a shame that there are probably 10s of thousands of these monitors in the landfill because someone selected capacitors that were probably reduced the manufacturing price of the monitor by 10 or 15 cents. You can see by the screen shot of the Google search that there are a ton of people searching out problems with this brand of cap. You know there’s a big problem when you have eBay sellers specializing in capacitor repair kits for specific monitor models. I guess on the bright side there are some hobbyists that can get some great monitors working for a few dollars and 10 minutes of work.



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7 Responses to “Samsung Syncmaster 204B Monitor Repair”

  1. Mohonri Says:

    I actually repaired a few of that exact model of monitor a few years back. Back then, I was repairing a lot of monitors, as a way to pay for my electronics hobby. The Dell E172fpb was my bread and butter. It seems, though, that nowadays there are a lot fewer LCD monitors showing up on ebay…

  2. Dre Says:

    Thumbs up for this. I have fixed my Sceptre 2ms gaming monitor just by opening it and replacing all caps with better ones for $8. Even though my soldering skills sucks, it has been going strong for about a year now.

  3. Dave Jones Says:

    My lab is in a regular multi-story office complex, so nothing special.
    One common garbage room, so you get the garbage from all the tenants, but they are mostly service type companies, laywers, real-estate agents, that kind of stuff. So I find mostly old office equipment.

  4. apnoe Says:

    I had to fix a similar defect on my Samsung LE40A656A1F TV which was just about 2 years old when the defect occured. Same here, look for the caps:

  5. Rikard Krvaric Says:

    Samsung has lost two or three class action lawsuits now in the USA for using sub-par components in their TVs… it wouldn’t surprise me that they use sub-par capacitors in their monitors as well.
    I have replaced my own capacitors in my 42″ Samsung LCD TV.

  6. Alice Sunseri   Says:

    I have this monitor and is broken, is worth to fix it? or I should buy a new one since they’re not that expensive? Thanks!

  7. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Alice,

    I would take a look at fixing it if you can use a soldering iron.

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