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December 20, 2012

Christmas Present Shake Prank

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We all know a bunch of people who shake presents to try to guess what is inside them, I might also be guilty of that sometimes. Jason Smith from DIY Hacks and How-Tos sent in this cool Christmas Present Shake Prank that uses a Radio Shack recording module to record a sound that you would like to be played when the box is shaken. Some thin magnet wire is used as a switch so that when the box is shaken the magnet wire brushes together starting the recording. The button press is stretched using a capacitor so that the multi function start/stop button isn’t “pressed” multiple times stopping the playback. Now when the box is shaken you can make it sound like broken glass, a person stuck in the box, an explosion or as seen here a cuddly kitten just waiting to be unwrapped.

These small recording modules are cheap and useful, I can think of a great Halloween hack that uses a door switch, an large audio amplifier and a big speaker to scare the heck out of anyone who dares to open your front gate.


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