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December 17, 2012

Dual Computer Custom Desk

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Most of you have probably seen server rooms with blade servers, it is basically a rack where you can slide in some servers. Paul Ruby Jr. sent in his Dual Computer Custom Desk build where he has two slide in computers except they are drawer size. This desk as everything you need for your personal computing needs including a hidden UPS. The only thing I can think that would improve the system is to use Synergy so that a single keyboard and mouse can be used to control both systems.

“The desk is made out of stained Hickory wood.  The top of the desk is a sheet of Formica that matches my work counters.  In the picture of the front of the desk, you can see the wooden (oak) exhaust fan grills.  I put a 120mm lighted (blue) exhaust fan for each computer drawer compartment.  This is more than enough to keep each computer from overheating.”



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4 Responses to “Dual Computer Custom Desk”

  1. Paul Ruby Says:

    I have uploaded the Google Sketchup models to the 3d Warehouse. You can find the models that I used for this desk and a previous project by searching the 3d warehouse for “txbeard”.

  2. Polytech Says:

    I wonder how high the temperature gets in there. I am having trouble keeping the PC cool just out in the open, inside a metal (better heat transfer) case. Very nice looking (steampunk style!) desk, just makes me curious if wood is an appropriate material for PC cases.

  3. Ty Tower Says:

    Why go to all that trouble . I have 3 computer boxes screens keyboards and mice sitting on an old CADO supplied desk from 1976 . It used to hold a big computer box under the desh with 8 inch floppy drives
    Its about 700 mm x 1200, 2 1/2 ft X 4 ft, and I wish I could attach a picture for you
    It has a couple of speakers there , tissue box ,Multimeter 1/2 dozen 80 gig hard drives loose ,dictionary,a couple/three arduinos and prototype boards,stapler,pads,,rulers,massage oil, a magnifying glass,pens,USB sticks and SD cards ,wallet,LED torch,earplugs, screwdrivers Temperature reader gathering data each 1/2 hour mic, back scratcher and USB adaptor for wi-Fi. Theres p[lenty of room left over for me

  4. Paul Ruby Says:

    I have been using this desk for almost 3 years now. No overheating or RF interference issues. I did have one power supply die in one of the computers. A 5 minute change out with one off the shelf here, and it has been up and running for over a year now. I still love this thing, and wouldn’t change anything.

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