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December 14, 2012

Most Powerful Magnet in the World

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This magnet (seen at 3:15) is crazy. A smaller version is demonstrated at 6:30, they are dropping an aluminum tube through the magnetic field demonstrating Lenz’s Law, we saw Lenz’s Law in action here but the results are a bit more impressive with a super huge magnet!



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2 Responses to “Most Powerful Magnet in the World”

  1. Winston Says:

    so, using Lenz’s Law could to do the opposite of a rail gun and “capture” returning space vehicles or airplanes and save fuel?

  2. MrMaigo Says:

    On Earth, too much air. In orbit, maybe for SMALL things. On the moon, sure but it’d be like shooting a bullet into the barrel of a gun that’s a miles away and constantly moving off axis. And there’d be tremendous physical stress on the magnet.

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