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December 5, 2012

Face Tracking Lamp

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Shanshan Zhou, Adam Ben-Dror, Joss Doggett from Victoria University used Processing, Open CV, a web cam, an Arduino and a bunch of servo motors to make a Face Tracking Lamp! It is quite freaky how well it seems to work. I can see this being quite a cool thing to put in a store front display to attract a crowd of curious people. 

Via: Make and Embedds.com

 “Pinokio comes in the form of a humble anglepoise desk lamp, yet it redefines our experience of a lamp, a robot, or a computer algorithm. Pinokio the lamp is imbued with the ability to be aware of its environment, especially people, and to express a dynamic range of behaviors. As it negotiates its world, through the synthesis of the algorithm, electronic circuit and structural modifications; we the human audience can see that Pinokio shares many traits possessed by animals, generating a range of emotional sympathies.”

Video after the jump


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5 Responses to “Face Tracking Lamp”

  1. Fry-kun Says:

    Auto-playing video on a site’s front page is not cool. Just saying.

  2. Jenny Tull Says:

    gawddamiit. to hell with the video starting automatically when the page loads.

  3. Polytech Says:

    These are some darn powerful servos! You can hardly see them and yet the lamp moves pretty sprightly. I’ve once looked into using the pantograph mechanism of a lamp just like this for a DIY robot arm and it was just way too heavy for any servos (servos I could afford, anyhow). Unless of course the entire Pinokio is only made to look like a lamp but in fact is made of carbon fiber and other super-light materials. Anyway, pretty cool project!

    I don’t think Alan has any control over Vimeo videos in terms of autostarting it. I could be wrong but I think the uploader of the video sets that.

  4. AntiAutoPlay Says:

    “I don’t think Alan has any control over Vimeo videos in terms of autostarting it. I could be wrong but I think the uploader of the video sets that.”

    — Looks pretty easy to turn off autoplay to me… See that bit at the end..
    iframe width=”398″ height=”224″ frameborder=”0″ src=”http://player.vimeo.com/video/52366512?autoplay=1″

  5. Ron Says:

    I too hate auto-playing videos, but for such a wonderful machine I forgive. I just love the way it refuses to be turned off!

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