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December 2, 2012

Handheld POV

at 9:28 pm. Filed under DIY Hacks, Electronic Hacks


If you have a spare Altoids tin this Handheld POV project might be a great way to fill it. You can make your own custom message with this page.

“There are 32 message slots — 16 are straight hard coded bitmaps, 16 are text strings of any length. The text strings are mapped to ASCII character bitmaps with one extra trick — the engine will look for a break in the text string (a space character) after a set number of characters, and show JUST THAT PORTION of the string for 4 seconds or so, then it moves on to the next portion of the string. Why? We found that most people will comfortably display 12-18 characters on an arm swing — so strings longer than that were not legible (you’ll never see the whole thing on one right-reading swing of your arm). We didn’t want to be limited to such short text messages, so there you go.”



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One Response to “Handheld POV”

  1. Polytech Says:

    Cool project! I’m always fascinated with LEDs, and LEDs that move – I can sit and watch them for hours! 🙂 Provided by someone else actually swings them around 🙂

    I would use Charlieplexing for a project like this and an 8-pin MCU would suffice then. SX28 is a bit of an overkill, no?


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