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November 20, 2012

Analog Clock Voltmeter

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What is the voltage on a AA battery? It would be around 1:30PM if you were using this voltmeter! A PICAXE 18M2 microcontroller is used to read an analog value, calculate what time it represents and then uses a stepper motor to spin the adjustment knob to have the clock show the voltage using the hour and minute hands. šŸ™‚

Read more about the Analog Clock Voltmeter

“The max input voltage for the ADC on the PICAXE 18M2 is about 5VDC. Ā To tame the input signal for the PICAXE a simple 3:1 voltage divider (10K, 10K, 10K) was implemented. Ā This limited the input voltage into the PICAXE to 4VDC. Ā A trim pot was also used to adjust for the inputĀ impedanceĀ of the PICAXE and to help calibrate the measurement results.”



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